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The Emotional & Physical Toll of IBD

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4th Annual Patient Survey As with urinary incontinence,  bowel incontinence is embarrassing and perhaps even harder to talk about. At NAFC, we have worked hard on our 4th Annual Patient Survey, (this one on bowel health) to better understand how patients cope with their condition, what patient’s journey to care is and understand the needs and […]

1st Annual NAFC survey finds social stigma hold back over 50% of patients from talking to their doctor.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        Contact: Steven G. Gregg, PhD (914) 582-1731 [email protected]  NAFC expected to release full results of the survey in September 2019 in an effort to help patients and HCPs work together to break the stigma that still plagues bladder and bowel health conditions.   Charleston, S.C. (August 25th 2019) In early 2019, NAFC […]

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