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As a healthcare professional, you know better than just about anyone that incontinence is one of the least-talked-about medical issues there is. Between the social stigma that many patients face and personal embarrassment they experience, it’s no surprise that there’s less understanding about incontinence than most other health challenges. 

That’s why we’ve developed a whole catalog of easy-to-understand, patient-focused materials for you to share. You’ll find brochures, videos, posters, diaries and more on a range of topics, all designed to educate your patients and get the conversation flowing. 

They’re free for you to use and distribute, too. Use them in person, via email, on your social platforms – wherever it makes sense to provide patients information to help them better understand and manage their conditions. 


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Want printed brochures?

In addition to electronic copies of our patient materials, we have professionally printed versions available at low cost. Email [email protected] to order yours today. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? 

Our library of materials is always growing! If there’s something specific that might be of value to your patients, let us know. Send us a note to [email protected] with your suggestion for a downloadable tool or brochure – we’re always looking for practical, meaningful resources, and your input is an important way for us to continue developing items that help you deliver the best care possible.

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