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NAFC developed its professional membership program to help bring incontinence-focused healthcare providers together and deliver them the resources and tools they need to provide the best possible care for their patients.

We would like to thank our members who work to provide top notch care to all the patients they serve and share NAFC’s mission. 


  • Debbie Beckford, PT, DPT
  • Alexandra Chaplin
  • Carolyn Langford
  • Elizma Bouwer
  • Tara Wigal-Wertsching

Members/SUPPORTERS FOR 5+ Years

  • Louise Gleason
  • Elizabeth Pastore
  • Linnea Burman
  • Mary Fitzpatrick
  • Emily Cline
  • Teresa Irwin
  • Bevin Daniels
  • Paige Ready
  • Rebecca Dyches, PT, MS
  • Linda Rudd, OTR/L
  • Ralph McFarland, PT
  • Gina Filoteo
  • Peggy McKinley
  • Jennifer Chu, MS, PT, WCS
  • Michele Forsberg, PT
  • Vashti Livingston, CWOCN
  • Cynthia Neville, PT, DPT, WCS
  • Cynthia Malloy, PT, MTC, BCB- PMD
  • Melissa Schubert
  • Donna Roth, PT DPT, CAPP- Pelvic
  • Martine Derome, PT
  • Michael Makkii, MD
  • Kendra Roloff, NP, MBA 
  • Joyce Carlson, APRN, CNS, CWOCN
  • Jennifer B Hunt, PT, DPT
  • Arielle Allen, DO, FACOG, MSCTS
  • Jose Maceda
  • Angela Treadway, DPT, PRPC, BCB-PMD
  • Karen S. Eilber, MD
  • Dawn- Marie-Ickes, MPT, PHD
  • Sarah Landis, PT, MS, DPT
  • Deanna McMullen, PT, DPT, SSF
  • Carolyn L Winuck, PT, DPT, SSF
  • Raymond Young
  • Val Vogt, MD, FACS, FACOG, FPMRS
  • Angelish Kumar, MD
  • Lindsey Kerr, MD
  • Katrina Health, DPT
  • Teresa Maciejewski, PT, WCS
  • Stephanie Zwonitzer, DNP, AGPCNP-BC
  • Tolani Balogun, SP, SNR, RN
  • Margaret Hayes, LMT, PT
  • Aasta F. McColery, PT, WCS
  • Melissa Fortman 

Interested in becoming member? Click the sign up link below. Your donation directly contributes to our ability to deliver useful, up-to-date information to the millions of patients who struggle every day with bladder and bowel disorders. For many patients, is the first place they turn to for accurate, up-to-date information, even before visiting a healthcare professional. For many others, is the place they go after a doctor’s consultation to become more informed. Regardless of how, when or why they reach us, your membership ensures that we will continue to be there for them

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