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If you’re looking for free, patient-friendly handouts, diaries, guides and flyers, you’re in the right place. NAFC has developed a suite of materials designed to help patients feel comfortable opening up about their incontinence conditions, track their symptoms, explain their issues and work with you to develop an effective treatment path. Click the links below for access to these free resources.

Click here to download the NAFC Bladder Diary

Click here to download the NAFC Bowel Diary

Click here to download the NAFC Bedwetting Diary

Click here to download the NAFC Nocturia Symptom Tracker

Want printed resources?

In addition to electronic copies of our patient materials, professionally printed versions of many of them are available at low cost. Click here to order yours today. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Our library of materials is always growing! If there’s something specific that might be of value to your patients, let us know. Send us a note here [link to member services] with your suggestion for a downloadable tool or brochure – we’re always looking for practical, meaningful resources, and your input is an important way for us to continue developing items that help you deliver the best care possible.

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