Digital Resources


We know your time is valuable, and it’s hard to pull together all the marketing tools you need to succeed. That’s why we’ve put together some great resources you can use for your practice. The links below contain sample emails, webpage templates, social media guides and even a sample social media content calendar, all developed under the guidance of medical professionals and designed to communicate effectively to your patients. Download them all for free today!


Email Banner Interstim.jpgClick here to download a .zip file that contains a number of emails you can use to educate your patients about Overactive Bladder and the many treatments available for it, including the Medtronic InterStim™ System.Web Page Templates Banner Interstim.jpgClick here to download a .zip file with web page templates, including text and graphics, that you can incorporate into your own website to help patients learn more about the range of options available to treat their Overactive Bladder.Social Media Banner Interstim.jpgSocial media is a great way to let your patients know that Overactive Bladder is treatable. Click here to download a .zip file with a number of social media resources you can start using to reach them today.Videos Banner Interstim.jpgClick here for our growing library of videos about OAB and the treatment options available. They may be especially helpful for those patients who may be uncomfortable talking about their condition.