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No Leaks For Healthcare Professionals


In 2020, NAFC conducted its annual survey, this year focused on doctor-patient interactions. The results were remarkably revealing: Patients routinely found the idea of discussing their symptoms uncomfortable – so much so, in fact, that more than 40% of respondents with bladder leakage waited two or more years after their symptoms first appeared before mentioning it to their doctors. Even when they finally did bring it up, a full 30% of them were uncomfortable with the conversation.

That’s why we developed the No Leaks campaign. It’s designed to appeal to patients who may be hesitant to bring up their conditions, and it accomplishes this through friendly, lighthearted and highly sharable content that has been developed with five key objectives in mind:

1. Take the stigma out of incontinence conditions

2. Help patients see themselves represented in our messaging

3. Encourage sharing through social media

4. Educate patients that effective treatments are available

5. Prompt patients to open up to their physicians and caregivers

To accomplish these goals, we’ve prepared a number of materials that your can use freely and frequently. They include social media messages, brochures, diaries, questionnaires and more – a complete suite of resources that can help you reach current and new patients with friendly, fun messages that minimize the embarrassment that all too often stands in the way of effective treatment.

Together, we can help more people than ever recognize that help is available, incontinence can be treated and there’s no shame in being human.



This free downloadable packet contains a whole range of materials that you can use to help your patients feel more comfortable discussing their incontinence symptoms, gather more meaningful information, develop more effective treatment options and generate improved outcomes.

AVAILABLE NOW: Download This Kit Here!

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This free downloadable packet contains dozens of images for use on the most common social media platforms – Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Use them as part of your patient messaging to spread the word in an upbeat, unthreatening way about just how important it is for patients to open up about their symptoms and how much can be done to help them find drier days.

AVAILABLE NOW! Download the No Leaks Facebook Library Here! Download the No Leaks Instagram Library Here! Download the No Leaks Twitter Library Here!

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