Thank You – Donation


Thank you for your donation!  Your support today makes it possible for us to continue developing meaningful, effective educational materials and programs for a full range of bladder and bowel conditions. As much as it means to us, it means even more to the millions of patients who visit us throughout the year in search of help, insight and a caring community.

In appreciation of your generosity, we have developed the following free resource packets that contain valuable information to help patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals in the treatment of incontinence.

Please click on the appropriate item below for your downloadable packet, and use it in good health.


Patient & Caregiver Resources





Patient Packet Cover Thumbnail.jpg


Includes many of our most popular publications:

  • Getting Started With Your Incontinence Treatment

  • Tips for Bladder Retraining

  • Bladder Retraining Brochure

  • Bladder Diary

  • Home Hygiene Brochure

  • Plus a special offer on incontinence products!


Healthcare Provider Resources





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Features resources to promote quality patient encounters:

  • Posters/infographics

  • Discussion guides for bedwetting, neurogenic bladder and nocturia

  • Guide for caregivers

  • OAB screening tool

  • Bladder, stool, bedwetting and nocturia diaries

  • Special product offer